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artworks ranging from my undergraduate art pieces, free-time illustrations, self-taught photography-- all the way back to high school portfolio work

projects related to technology & information systems, including video game creations with python, animated face filters, web development designs in javascript, html, and css

please click on photos for more details & information

informal illustrations

@vey4ne on instagram

a space for:

more freedom + catharsis in my art practice

room for stream-of-consciousness exploration

& vessel to play with the pseudo-anonymity of internet identity

ghost kiss

Work +


acupuncture studies

the body as art

an exercise in mapping on skin:

bringing forward what is underneath,

learning a cultural system,

lost history abandoned and renewed


mountain laurel

traversing Pennsylvania's state flower

journeyed 7.5 miles by foot in a path connecting two of Pittsburgh's rivers together.

the path formed an imprecise image of a mountain laurel flower, Pennsylvania's state flower-- which I refined to an illustration



bitsy poetry video game

act as his ink brush, and use your arrow keys to write the characters of his death poem.

available to experience on here

jisei cover.JPG

timmie's doodles 

video game term project (fall 2020)

coded a video game inspired by paint & google doodles in python

for 15-112 Fundamentals of Programming & CS. 

video description of how game works is available here 



snapchat face filter animation

a snapchat face filter animation paying homage to digital painting program erase tools & the transparent layer that lies underneath

scan the code shown to the left on snapchat to try the filter on



3d space of wonder in a quarantine world

both the restrictive, fishbowl-like & the fantastical, utopian nature of a snow globe,

combined together in relation to the beginnings of my 2020 quarantine life.

snowglobe close up.png
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