I'm Peggy Shen (she/her)

I’m an artist-designer-student working with interfaces, creative technology, experiences, and data.

My work is a mixture of mediums involving art and tech:

1. artworks ranging from conceptual media, digital illustrations, and hand-crafted maps
2. information-based projects, like coding video games, animating face filters, and developing databases/websites/apps.

I am the first student at Carnegie Mellon University to major in both Information Systems and Art. My concentrations are in UI/UX Design and Electronic & Time-Based Media, and I also have a minor in Human-Computer Interaction. Previously, I've interned at a medical tech startup, Telesair, for Visual Communications, and at a healthcare IT agency, XiFin, for Product and Accounts-Based Marketing. I've animated sales videos, designed slide decks, and helped integrate digital assets systems & manage company-wide rebrands.

In my personal work, I create multidisciplinary narratives through animation and filmmaking, illustration and painting, and various gamified experiences and digital spaces. I am devoted to finding and expressing connections between physical and technological intimacies.


ASCII flower field GIF of flowers growing.

Outside of work, I paint, write, and read. I like to collect anik-aniks and browse channels, read works from RFQ's internet princess over a cup of vanilla chai, and dabble in mobile video games (previously Masters rank in Wild Rift). :)