XiFin Product Marketing & ABM Internship

3 months
Summer 2023
Product Marketing
Account-Based Marketing
Data Visualization
XiFin, Inc.
Product Marketing Team
Microsoft Office

Designing data visualizations, developing pitch decks, and auditing the website for XiFin's company-wide rebrand.

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XiFin is a healthcare information technology company that empowers healthcare organizations to navigate an increasingly complex and evolving landscape. XiFin's solutions enable organizations to achieve stronger finances, streamline operations, and develop industry-leading business strategies.
My Contributions
I returned to XiFin's marketing team for a second summer as a Product & Account-Based Marketing Intern, where I was responsible for polishing and rebranding a variety of data visualizations, analyzing and crafting email and advertising campaigns, and working to complete other quality assurance/auditing necessities.

I worked with the product marketing managers to focus on different aspects of product and account-based marketing. For the purposes of this case study, I will focus on my visual storytelling tasks.  
1. Problem Space
XiFin had recently undergone a company-wide rebranding. Because of this, there were a variety of documents, presentations, and other design materials that needed either updating, refining, remaking, or were simply not relevant anymore.

Where their old branding involved the below features, their rebrand featured a more focused color palette, a new logo, different font guidelines, and standardized various design specifications for a new look.
XiFin's old logo with green and black X mark.XiFin's current logo with blue geometry and gradients.
Xifin's old brand logo.
XiFin's current logo after the rebrand.
2. My Role
My focus in visual storytelling and a variety of user experiences.
My visual storytelling projects this summer assisted in updating and polishing old design materials as well as creating new materials that followed new brand guidelines.

These tasks involved:
A. Designing data visualizations for workflow diagrams and task lists for better UX, and
B. Developing and enhancing slide decks for presentations, campaigns, and case studies.
Since I was designing for internal workflows and working with clients, most of my work in refining and re-communicating information are not shown here. However, I will go over some smaller examples of my work.

Please contact me if you'd like to hear more details about my time interning at XiFin.
Most of my data visualization work was for internal or client workflows, but I also worked to convert the product marketing task list-- the list that XiFin product manager's used to keep track of their assigned work.

Problem: Originally, the task list was a Microsoft Word document of over 13 pages. There was no defined start or end to each manager's tasks, and each manager also used differing ways to identify their work. For example, one manager bolded each of their tasks, whereas a different manager was used to making the font size a few times bigger to organize their tasks into sections.

Therefore, I organized sections by person and then by project to make the information clear. Instead of using a document, I transferred all tasks, texts, and notes into Microsoft OneNote, which is designed specifically for creating lists and organizing information but also fit into XiFin's current workflows so it would be familiar to the managers. Each manager's work was separated by a tab and their tasks organized for easy access.
XiFin's converted task list.
Example A: Data Visualization
Example B: Slide Deck Designs
I also created a multitude of slide designs for marketing collateral, sales presentations, webinars, case studies, and pitch materials. Oftentimes, this meant I was given textual information and would be responsible for design a visual representation to support the text. Rather than one large project, I focused on tackling a large quantity of diagrams, slides, and workflows, all of varying qualities, but all which needed updating and rebranding work.

For example, given a table, I would re-communicate this data visually, so that there would be a clearer hierarchy of ideas and engagements could be easily quantified when presented on. I've taken the contextual information out of the below example, which is one of many, so free to ask me for more examples of redesigned slides!

Original table, pulled straight from Excel.

The same information re-designed for a presentation deck.

3. Impact
I was able to view many of my diagrams and data visualization work being used internally as well as when communicating with clients. For example, after clarifying and re-designing a solution workflow diagram, the newly designed workflow was used in onboarding meetings and presentations to help new clients explain our processes.

I also witnessed the slide templates that I developed and compiled being used in various demonstrations across the marketing team. Months after the internship, I received a message from my XiFin manager who told me that my work was still being used to streamline and organize their presentations.
XiFin's 2023 conclusion slide to summarize my impact.
XiFin intern spotlight
4. Reflections
I'm very grateful to get the chance to return for another summer and be entrusted with a broader range of responsibilities. As a returning intern, it was noteworthy to see the changes a company can make in a year (even if they were in planning long before), and how my own work from the previous summer was utilized across departments and adapted for various different use cases.

Whereas last summer at XiFin I focused most on a main project (integrating a digital asset management system for various departments), this summer I took on many different projects of similarly-weighed importances. In doing so, I learned to harmonize a variety of tasks to understand how each piece of work I make interacts with a broader audience, whether for internal use or for communicating with different levels of clients.

Again, since I was designing for internal workflows and working with clients, most of my work in refining and re-communicating information are not shown here. Feel free to contact me for more details.
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